Introduction to SmsGate

Welcome to the Sms Gateway website (or GateGate for short). The SmsGate software provides the following features:

The project is fully functional, it requires compiling and deploying into a tomcat application server, with a connection to a mysql database. Once the tool is more stable, more detailed instructions and a simplified install process will be made available.

Open source

Users are encouraged to get involved, and can even acces and update source code themselves. For further information, checkout the linke to Sourceforge.

Support Matrix

Curently the entire system is certified against Tomcat 6.0.13 with Java version 1.6.0_1. Other configurations are likely to be successful but are not certified.

Commercial support

Continual updates, bug fixes, are all available free through sourceforge. Commercial support arragements, plug-ins and extensions are available by arrangement through Uptecs. Uptecs also guarantees to provide support and maintenance to the free open source code base for guaranteed future survival of the project.